About Doris Bonora

Doris Bonora is a partner with Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP and head of the Wills and Estates Practice Group. She can be reached at [email protected]

Top Ten Ways to be Reasonable in Estates (otherwise known as how to have your family get together for Christmas the year after you die)

As estate litigators, we see far too often what happens when reason gets thrown out the window and disputes – big and small – tear families apart.  Here are some practical tips that can be used to make an  estate plan as well as  tips for personal representatives to follow to try to avoid uncomfortable […]

Preventing Financial Abuse of Seniors: My little Johnny would never do anything to harm me!

There is something very sad about reaching your golden years, thinking that you will enjoy golf, grandchildren and giving sage advice, but instead, you are faced with abuse by those you trusted the most. Financial abuse of seniors by family members is becoming common and creates great family discord. There are steps to take to […]

Doin’ It Your Own Way… Unsuccessful Succession

This is the age of the YouTube video. Want to know how to build Ikea furniture, bake a soufflé, change the oil in your car? YouTube can help. We are geared to thinking that we can do anything for ourselves and so, of course, many are led to thinking that they can do their own […]

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