Changes to Child Support Applications

Exchanging financial information is crucial to determine child support. John-Paul Boyd gave a great overview of child support in LawNow Issues 38-4 and 38-5. I covered the general duty to disclose financial information in family law cases in LawNow Issue 39-5. There have been some recent changes in Alberta Family Courts that emphasize the need […]

Marriage Breakdown Affects Taxes and Child Benefits

Significant financial and non-financial issues arise during the breakdown of a relationship.  This article addresses the various tax claims and related benefits for children that should be considered in the finalization of a separation or divorce agreement.  These issues can also be relevant for parents who never lived together. Common Law Partners For income tax […]

Financial Disclosure in Family Law Cases, Don’t Hide; It’s Best to Provide!

Navigating the family law system without a lawyer can feel overwhelming, but many successfully find their way.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks for self-represented individuals is a resistance to provide sufficient financial information. In order to properly negotiate or litigate child support, spousal support, or matrimonial property, the parties need to have accurate information […]

Bench Press 39-2: Estranged Father and Daughter

An Edmonton father and daughter had not had any face-to-face communication since 2010.  The father was paying child support of $1054.00 per month. He asked the court to terminate or reduce his support obligation since she turned 18 on the grounds that he had no proof that she had attended elective upgrading courses in 2013 […]

The Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline

The Federal Child Support Guidelines provide a framework for the payment of child support that a parent pays to support a child financially after a separation or divorce. What are the Federal Child Support Guidelines? As stated in Paragraph 1 of the Guidelines,  their purpose is: (a) To establish a fair standard of support for […]

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