BenchPress – Vol 41-3

Intolerable Delay, 5 Years: Case 1 Barrett Jordan was charged with a criminal offence in 2008 and his trial ended with his conviction in 2013. He alleged that his Charter right to trial within a reasonable time had been breached and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed.  It set out a new standard for unreasonable […]

Looking at Mental Health Courts: Should Alberta Pursue Them?

The case of Donald Kushniruk was a tragedy, and it was a tragedy that could have been avoided with due diligence by the proper authorities. A man with no criminal record who had committed a minor crime, which ultimately led to a sentence of just seven days, spent more than two years in jail waiting […]

Understanding the Criminal Trial Process

Some 20 years ago, a sexual offender broke into a series of homes in downtown Vancouver. Several of the victims visually identified Ivan Henry as the perpetrator based on an in-person line up, a photographic line up or when he was sitting as the accused in court. Given the similarities between the cases, Henry was […]

Representing Yourself at the Tax Court

The Tax Court of Canada has gone to some lengths to make information available for self-represented taxpayers who want to appeal a tax decision.  The website of the Court prominently displays a tab for Self-represented litigants.  Under the tab there is a wealth of information about forms, procedures and the Court itself.  This information can […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy Law in Canada

Almost one in five insolvencies in Canada (a bankruptcy or consumer proposal) involves someone who has experienced a marital or relationship breakdown.  Often the financial problems occurred long before the divorce. Financial pressures often increase after divorce as two households are now trying to live on the same income as one household did before the […]

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