Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 4: Parenting Coordination

In Part 2 of this series, Sarah Dargatz wrote briefly about parenting coordination, one of the interventions available in family law cases before the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. In this article, the final part of this series, I will talk about how parenting coordination is used in British Columbia. It’s a bit misleading to […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-4

Act Of Meanness / Lost by a Nose / Co-Mammas / The Internet and Hate Speech 1.  Act of Meanness A Quebec Superior Court Justice recently heard an unusual estate application.  A Montreal area woman was convinced that her deceased brother’s wife had been unfaithful to him.  At a supper held after her brother’s funeral, the […]

Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 2: Using Experts in Parenting Disputes

In most disputes over parenting time, parents come to reasonable decisions about what is in their child’s best interests.  However, a small percentage of disputes are “high conflict”.  In high conflict cases, the parents have great difficulty communicating, make decisions together, and treating each other with respect.  Each parent may advocate for very different schedules.  […]

Unilateral Relocations – Don’t Do It!

When a family is in conflict, it can be tempting for one parent to want to get away.  This can be especially true in cases where a parent is struggling financially after a separation or, in cases of domestic violence, when leaving is part of a safety plan.  However, a unilateral relocation with a child […]

Bench Press 38-5: Balancing Work and Family

Fiona Johnstone began a long odyssey through Canadian courts when she encountered difficulties in finding childcare for her two toddlers so that she could continue to work for Canada Border Services. A childcare expert testified that Ms Johnstone faced a very difficult work environment: different shifts at different times and different days including weekends, overtime, […]

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