Representing Yourself at the Tax Court

The Tax Court of Canada has gone to some lengths to make information available for self-represented taxpayers who want to appeal a tax decision.  The website of the Court prominently displays a tab for Self-represented litigants.  Under the tab there is a wealth of information about forms, procedures and the Court itself.  This information can […]

Hurdles for Self-Represented Litigants in Small Claims Court

The rules and processes at Small Claims Court were designed to be simple and flexible, so that everyday people could have their disputes resolved without hiring lawyers or paralegals. However, the reality is that many self-represented litigants continue to face significant hurdles in accessing the justice system through Small Claims Court without professional help. ..the […]

Self-Represented Parties at the Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker’s Compensation

The Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker’s Compensation is a tribunal that hears appeals from decisions made by the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB). In Alberta the scheme for worker’s compensation is governed by the terms of the Worker’s Compensation Act RSA c. W- 15 and WCB policies that amplify the provisions of the Act. The WCB […]

Going it alone? Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

Increasingly, people are finding themselves in court without a lawyer to represent them. They are known as “self-represented litigants” (SRLs for short).  The National Self-Represented Litigants Research Study conducted by Dr. Julie Macfarlane revealed that, generally, this is not because individuals have decided that lawyers are unnecessary. In fact, “[b]y far the most consistently cited […]

Small Claims Court: A Venue Made for Self-Represented Litigants

Introduction A few years ago, while stopped on a major road in congested Calgary commuter traffic, our vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle.  We were hit with such force that our car was pushed into the car in front of us.  The road and visibility were excellent and we all knew the cause […]

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