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  • Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession – Book Review
  • The #MeToo Movement Hasn’t Led to a Better Understanding of Consent
  • The Morality of #metoo

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BenchPress – Vol 43-1…

Judges are Human Too This case … [Read More...]

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Special Report

The Colour of the Law

Colour is almost always contrasted with something else in law; where the ‘something else’ is right, and the ‘colour’ is blackened out as a legal non-being. Gray, C.B., “The Colour of Law: Law is … [Read More...]

colours and trademarks

Colours and Trade-Marks

We live in a world of colour. From the brightest shade of red to the darkest hue of violet, colours can influence your mood, evoke your emotions, and even establish certain mental connections. A … [Read More...]

Black Letter Law

Black-Letter Law

Studying the law, exactly as it is written, is one approach to understanding it. However, this approach creates as least as many issues as it clarifies. It requires us to ask the question: how do … [Read More...]

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