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  • Medical Assistance in Dying and its Enforceability in a Personal Directive
  • Seniors – Health, Homes, and Help from the Taxman
  • AI in healthcare is coming, and we need to be ready
  • A little nudge goes a long way in increasing organ donor registrations

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BenchPress – Vol 43-6…

Federal Court Translates Decision into … [Read More...]

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In Canada and elsewhere, freedom of speech is on the endangered list

Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. These phrases may conjure up Hollywood-style images of noble activists and principled reporters butting heads with those in power – and winning. However, the … [Read More...]

The Key Provisions and Case Law Which Define Hate Speech

The Key Provisions and Case Law Which Define Hate Speech

Within Canadian society, hate speech and the promotion of hatred is addressed at both the federal and provincial level. At the federal level, the key piece of legislation addressing this issue is the … [Read More...]

When Can the Right to Freedom of Expression be Curtailed?

The right to express our opinions is a crucial element of a democracy. Freedom of expression is a basic characteristic of personal development. It gives us the right to dissent and the right to be … [Read More...]

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