• Death and Taxes – When the Certainties Collide
  • Inheritance Issues in Bankruptcy
  • People Always Told Me, Be Careful What You Do: Wills and Dependency Legislation
  • Round Two: Blended Families and Estate Planning
  • Setting Up Wills and Trusts
  • “Have You Heard the One About The Canadian Who Died Without a Will?”
  • Mental Capacity Has Different Meanings in Different Contexts

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Special Report

A Renewed Senate That Works for Canadians

Had you been standing in the foyer of Canada’s Senate on June 22nd  2017, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that a constitutional crisis was about to engulf our nation’s Parliament.While the … [Read More...]

An Insider’s Look at Senate Committees

When I first stepped into the Senate atrium and peered into the chamber, I recall experiencing a sensory overload of colour. Carpeted in a sea of red with gold leaf adorning the ceiling, the Senate is … [Read More...]

The Senate Reference: Supreme Court of Canada Outlines Constitutional Road to Reform

Controversies in the Senate have caused many to question whether we need a Senate at all. Realistically, however, what changes could Parliament make to the Senate? Constitutionally, what changes is … [Read More...]

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