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41-2: Criminal Justice

lawnow-41-2-coverCriminal Justice is achieved through the dedicated effort of many players and it must protect all who come in contact with it.

 Volume 41-2  Nov/Dec 2016

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Featured Articles: Criminal Justice

Special Report: The Law in Challenging Economic Times




Featured Articles: Criminal Justice

The Law of Sexual Assault in Canada
Charles Davison
The law of sexual assault in Canada covers a wide range of situations and an infinite variation factors.

Understanding the Criminal Trial Process
Caroline Wawzonek
The criminal trial process is centered on preventing the tragedy of locking up an innocent person.

Solitary Confinement: “Abandon Every Hope, Ye who Enter”
Stephanie Laskoski
The United Nations has singled out for condemnation Canada’s use of solitary confinement.  It is time that as a nation, we acted.

Looking at Mental Health Courts: Should Alberta Pursue Them?
Nicole Trach and Dr. Austin Mardon
Accused persons with mental illness could benefit from alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system.

Legalizing Marijuana Use in Canada: Some Concerns
Hasna Shireen
The federal government has lots of issues to consider as it approaches this important change to Canadian law.

Special Report: The Law in Challenging Economic Times

Legal Responses to the Financial Crisis of 2008 in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States
Marjun Parcasio
If there is anything that swells the size of a statute book, it’s a financial crisis!  Here is a look at how three countries reacted.

How the Economy Influences Bankruptcy and Vice Versa
Doug Hoyes

We know that insolvency rates will rise following an economic downturn and increased unemployment.

Paying Other People’s Taxes
Hugh Neilson
Directors of companies, whether profit, or non-profit, should know that the Canada Revenue Agency can collect GST/HST and other source deduction arrears from them in some circumstances.

Business Succession Planning is an Investment in the Future
Mark Borkowski
It is precisely when economic times are challenging that business owners should think about succession planning.

Bankrupcty, Insolvency and Receivership
Peter Bowal
Here is a short description of the differences between Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Receivership.


Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley is a Project Coordinator with the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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