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42-6: Ticket to Ride

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Volume 42-6  July/Aug  2018



Canadian laws that impact your travel and transport.

Featured Articles: Ticket to Ride

Bicycle Law in Alberta
Jeff Surtees and Dave Pettitt
Cyclists should assume that almost everything that applies to drivers of cars applies to them.

Travel and Taxation
Hugh Neilson
Looking at taxes for fuel, license and registration, air travel, Uber and business travel.

Impaired Boating is Just Like Impaired Driving
Cheryl Gallagher
There is no difference between drunk driving and drunk boating under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Bringing Clarity to Passenger Compensation Rules
Ian Black
New federal airline laws will cover bumping, lengthy tarmac waits, flight delays and cancellations.

How Car Term Loans are Causing Bankruptcy
Doug Hoyes
Provincial laws may provide bankruptcy exemption limits for certain vehicles.

Special Report: Diversity in the Law and the Legal Profession

Law Society of Ontario Targets Systemic Racism in the Legal Profession
John Cooper
Four years’ research found that racialized lawyers face a variety of professional barriers to growth.

Accommodating Syrian Refugees’ Legal and Other Needs
Hasna Shireen
Syrian refugees in Alberta are protected from discrimination as are all Albertans.

Indigenous Public Legal Education – PLE from an interconnected world view
Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Alexandra Choby
The work of BearPaw Legal Education is grounded in building individual and family resilience.

Understanding Diversity in the Current Context of the Law and Legal Profession
Charles Davison
Looking at the deeper, more meaningful value of diversity in the law.



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