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Crowdfunding: Leveling the Playing Field

Over the past three years, nearly 12 million Canadians will have experienced at least one legal problem. However, few Canadians have the resources to navigate the legal system to address their legal problems. Court and legal fees are major obstacles in the pursuit of justice. JusticeFundr is the first crowdfunding platform designed to help Canadians […]


Avnish Nanda
Avnish Nanda is a lawyer with Nanda and Company in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Right of an Imprisoned Accused to Conduct Online Research

Case Commented On: R v Biever, 2015 ABQB 301 The link between access to information and access to justice is not often discussed, but it is implicit in our legal process. Document production, questioning, and Crown disclosure are all premised on the notion that one needs access to relevant information in order to present one’s […]


Sarah Burton
This article is reprinted with the permission of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre. Sarah Burton was a staff lawyer with the Centre at the time this article was written.

Access to Justice: Potential Alternatives for Indigenous Peoples

About a year ago, there had been some publicity concerning Louie v. Louie BCCA, a court case where I acted as barrister and solicitor for an intervenor at the B.C. Court of Appeal. The case had involved a band member who sued his Chief and Council for a breach of fiduciary obligation. I was approached […]


Troy Hunter
Troy Hunter
Troy Hunter J.D. (Co-op Law) is an aboriginal lawyer. He owns and operates New Columbia Law Corporation in New Westminster, BC.

Access to Legal Services in Womens’ Shelters

In December 2015, the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family (CRILF) published a new report, Access to Legal Services in Women’s Shelters, authored by myself and Dr. Lorne Bertrand, examining access to legal services among clients of women’s domestic violence shelters. The study sampled the views of staff and clients at three domestic […]


Alysia Wright

Right to Counsel Includes Access to Counsel

Introduction The right to counsel upon arrest is a constitutionally protected right under section 10(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On July 18, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada clarified the importance of this right in the case of R v Taylor (Taylor). In this case, the police did not provide an […]


Lorraine Snyder
Lorraine Snyder is a law student at the University of Alberta.

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