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Cyber Bullying: Bullying Through Technology

Many of today’s new technologies are designed for the sole purpose of facilitating communication between individuals. Not only do these technologies enable communication between friends and family, but a large part of their appeal is that they present the opportunity to meet new people. Among the more popular ways of meeting others online are instant […]


Melissa Luhtanen J.D.
Melissa Luhtanen J.D., is a lawyer and human rights educator at the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Lisa Ellis
Lisa Ellis is a lawyer in private practice in Calgary, Alberta.

Bench Press: Children and Cyber-bullying

From Nov/Dec 2012 Bench Press A 15-year-old Nova Scotia girl discovered that someone had posted a fake profile about her on Facebook, using her photo, slightly changing her name and posting unflattering comments and sexually explicit references. She was successful in obtaining a court order that the Internet provider disclose information about the publisher of […]


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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