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Human Rights and A Poisoned Work Environment

There have been several recent news stories about harassment issues in Canadian workplaces. For example, a 2013 review of the Calgary Police Services workplace was recently released, containing detailed allegations of sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying and even sexual assault within the force. Another example occurred when a class-action lawsuit was launched alleging discrimination and harassment […]


Linda McKay-Panos
Linda McKay-Panos, BEd, JD, LLM, is the Executive Director of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Workplace Bullying: What Employers Need to Know

Bullying in the workplace is slightly different from bullying seen in the childhood sandbox. There is rarely physical violence or threats (although these are possible), and the tormentors may not always be the most obvious culprits. Instead, workplace bullying may not even be noticeable to an outsider unaware of the situation. Province by province, workplace […]


Jordan Rodney
Jordan Rodney is the Managing Partner of Rodney Employment Law.

Shaun Bernstein
Shaun Bernstein is a 3rd year law student at University of Windsor, Faculty of Law (2015).

Unmasking Bullies on the Internet

Introduction Most of us have heard of cyberbullying and the dreadful impact it has had on young people, even driving some of them to suicide. The incidence of bullying online is likely far greater than the average Canadian might expect. As a university professor, I (Bowal) receive menacing and profane emails from anonymous former students […]


Peter Bowal
Peter Bowal
Peter Bowal is a Professor of Law at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

Andrea Lai
Andrea Lai graduated in June 2013 with a combined degree in Marketing and English Honours from the University of Calgary and will complete teacher training at the University of British Columbia next year.

Hansen Wong
Hansen Wong earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the Haskayne School of Business and is currently a law student at the University of Calgary.

Bully Bosses: When Harassment is Not Discrimination

What legal remedies do employees have if they are verbally or non-verbally bullied by their supervisor or co-workers? In the workplace, bullying can include behaviours such as: damaging your reputation; humiliating you in public; accusing you of lack of effort; calling you names; insulting, teasing, or intimidating you; preventing your access to opportunities; isolating you […]



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