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Protecting Yourself from Consumer Fraud and Scams

Been offered tickets for a free cruise? Received a heartfelt plea to help a distant relative?  Had a bank or credit card company email you for your password and account details?  You may have been contacted by scammers looking for your money or your personal information. Every year Canadians lose millions of dollars through consumer […]


Margo Till-Rogers
Margo Till-Rogers is a librarian and the Associate Director of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Who Cares about Internet Law and Policy?

How familiar are these stories? “When I got to work this morning, our Internet service was down. There was almost nothing I could work on without my online databases and email.” “The place we went for holidays had no Internet or cell phone service. Wow, did I ever feel cut off from the world!” These […]


Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle is a library technician in Edmonton.

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