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Tips for using LawNow Magazine

LawNow Magazine takes a practical look at how the law relates to the every day lives of Canadians.

So how can you get the most out of LawNow?

We’ve assembled some FAQs about how to use LawNow:


What are the different sections of LawNow and what do they mean?

LawNow Magazine has a few different sections:

Feature: A collection of articles around a central theme. This theme is the theme of the issue.

Special Report: Several articles around a secondary theme.

Departments: These include Bench Press, an article that cover several recent interesting cases, Viewpoint, an opinion piece that relates to the Feature theme of the issue, and Today’s Trial, an article that take an in-depth look at a recent case.

Columns: These are a regular feature of the magazine that cover a variety of areas of law and provide practical information.

Blog: These posts are more informal than regular articles and may provide supplementary materials, summaries, other resources, news, events, etc.

How do I subscribe to a specific section of the website?

To subscribe to a specific section of the site, enter “feed” in the URL of that section. For example, if you only want to receive notifications of new articles in our family law section, you would go to that section ( and add “feed” to the URL so it looks like this: then press enter.

Then it will give you the option of which application you would like to use to subscribe.

How can I use LawNow in my law office, library, waiting room, etc.?

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How can I use LawNow as a teacher?

LawNow  a great place to find quality printable articles for Social Studies, Science, English, Legal Studies, and more . Teachers don’t have to feel guilty about printing our full articles and sharing them with their students. Everything on the site is free and there is no usernames or passwords required!

Teachers can also send their students to the LawNow site to read a specific article and leave a comment. LawNow is a safe place for students to research and explore a legal topic. All comments are moderated and there are no ads.

Check out the blog series Teachers Talk LawNow for lesson plans and tips for using the magazine with your students.

How can I use LawNow as a student?

LawNow is the perfect jumping off point when researching a legal topic. Our site is searchable and conveniently organized by subject for browsing.  Below each article is a list of other related articles that can help you connect to the information you need.

Talk to your teacher or professor about how to properly cite LawNow. There are many websites available online to help you perfect your citation depending on the citation style required for your assignment. When citing something from LawNow make sure to identify it properly as an article, a blog post,  an opinion piece, etc.

When your research is done, come back to read more. Reading LawNow is an excellent way to stay informed about the law and current events!

How can I contribute to LawNow?

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