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Vol 35-1: Sep/Oct 2010


Table of Contents

Feature: Environmental Law

Special Report: Children at Risk

School’s In




Featured Articles: Environmental Law

The law can be used in many ways to defend the environment, from legislation to lawsuits to citizen action. Knowledge of environmental law is the key.

Greenhouse Gas Roundup: Canadian Climate Law from Sea to Sea

Each Canadian province and the federal government is approaching climate change and the environment in its own way, resulting in a patchwork of laws across the country.

The Right to Water

Nothing is more fundamental to life than water. But around the world and here at home, water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity.

Ancient Wisdom Matters in a Modern World

The ancient wisdom of the wayfinders matters in a modern world that struggles with the implications of climate change.

Water Rights and Water Stewardship: What About Aboriginal Peoples?

Aboriginal peoples see themselves as caretakers of water with responsibilities to preserve water and life. How does this view fit in the modern world?




Special Report: Testing the Limits of Law

Step-parents and Support

The courts will look beyond biological parents to make sure that children are adequately provided for.

Young Offenders in Care

What is society trying to achieve when dealing with young offenders in care? Their circumstances demand careful consideration.

Alberta Child Welfare Legislation Unique with Respect to Permanent Guardianship

Each province takes a different approach to permanent guardianship of children. This results in some significant differences across the country.


School’s In

Guardianship Custody and Abuse




Climate Change and Human Rights

Bench Press

The Media and Publication Bans, Was it Negligent or Intentional Harm?, The Right to Defend Property, Grandparents v. Parent, Alberta Company Prevails.



Human Rights Law

Access to Justice: Human Rights and Legal Aid

Criminal Law

The Duties of Prosecutors

Not-For-Profi t Law

The Best Policy

Sports Law

The tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili reminds us of some important legal lessons

Online Law

“Green Law” on the ‘Net





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