Vol 35-3: Jan/Feb 2011 - LawNow Magazine

Vol 35-3: Jan/Feb 2011


Table of Contents

Feature: Multicultural Canada




Featured Articles: Multicultural Canada

Canada has an official multiculturalism policy and a Multiculturalism Act to implement it.

Ethnic and Cultural Minorities: Canadian Policy


Big Ideas in the Land of Boz

The European Union is addressing a host of minority rights and cultural diversity issues.

Equality and Multiculturalism: A Blurry Picture

The law with regard to equality rights and multiculturalism is a work in progress.

Multiculturalism and Criminal Law

Both Canadian criminal procedural law and substantive law have made adjustments to support minority rights.

Religious Accomodation in the Workplace

Canadians are well protected when it comes to exercising their religious freedoms in the workplace.

Ethics and Cultural Difference: Accomodation Must have its Limits

Should there be limits in terms of accommodating difference in Canadian society? What should those limits be?

Cross-Border Mediation in a Family Law context

Custody disputes can lead to some very interesting situations when family members live in different countries with very different cultures. Mediation can help.





Name honour killings to stop the violence.



Not-for-Profit Law

Regulatory Bias

A Famous Case Revisited

Whatever Happened to … Feeney?

Aboriginal Law

Whither Aboriginal Languages – Are they Withering?

Human Rights Law

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

Employment Law

Who Owns the Tips?

Family Law

Better than Judge Judy!

Law and Literature

Savage Passions





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