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Vol 35-5: May/Jun 2011


Table of Contents

Feature: The Law and Armed Conflict

Special Report: The Law and Language




Featured Articles: The Law and Armed Conflict

Is there a role for law in armed conflict? The two seem utterly incompatible, and yet law does play a role: before, during and after the conflict has ended.

A History of War Crimes

Society has been contemplating the moral and philosophical questions of law from the ancient Greeks to the Geneva Conventions.

Post-Conflict Elections: An analysis of the problems in emerging and recovering nations

One of the most valuable roles that developed nations can play is to help struggling post-conflict nations hold free and fair elections.

One Boy Left Behind: The ethical challenges of liberating child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Helping to free a child soldier is a life-altering event for both the child and the liberators.

Omar Khadr: It takes a village to raise a child but the village let him down

The case of Omar Khadr is a tangled and tortuous one that has resulted from numerous failings.


Special Report: The Law and Language

Constitutionally Protected Minority Official Language Rights in Canada

The rules around our constitutionally protected minority language rights are complicated and steeped in history.

Conflict: What’s Language Got to Do with It?

The language we choose to use can encourage or inhibit conflict. Why not choose language that inhibits conflict?

Access to Justice, Public Interest and Language Rights

An Alberta case is setting precedents for language rights, the costs of litigation, and the public interest.




Killing bin Laden necessary, jubilation is not

Today’s Trial

Another Ancient Defence Receives Scrutiny



A Famous Case Revisited

Eugenics and Leilani Muir

Family Law

What you don’t know Can Hurt You

Not-For-Profit Law

Budget Features Challenging Charity Rules Changes

Aboriginal Law

First Nations Water

Employment Law

Minimum or Reasonable Notice of Termination

Online Law

“Big C” Conflict









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