Vol 35-6: Jul/Aug 2011 - LawNow Magazine

Vol 35-6: Jul/Aug 2011


Table of Contents

Feature: Issues in Criminal Law

Special Report: The Law and Public Policy




Featured Articles: Issues in Criminal Law

Criminal law has both public and private significance. For individuals charged with crimes, the outcomes are life-altering. For society, the outcomes can affect public policy, our sense of security, and even our history.

Look Back in Sorrow: The October Crisis

The October crisis of 1970 was one of the most dramatic events in Canadian history. Forty years later, the government’s use of the War Measures Act is still debated.

“My DNA Made Me Do It!” MAOA Genotyping

Can our genes determine our behaviour, and in particular, partially explain criminal behaviour? This controversial question is just beginning to be explored.

Access to Justice and Legal Aid

It can be argued that you cannot have access to justice unless you have a properly funded legal aid program.

At Issue: A Homeowner’s Expectation of Privacy

The Calgary police used a provincial law to gather evidence against a Calgary homeowner. Should the Charter of Rights have protected him?


Special Report: The Law and Public Policy

Serving the Common Good –The Role of Government

In an excerpt from her soon-to-be-published book, Helen Forsey examines the career of her illustrious father and his vision of what government can be as a force for the common good.

Canada’s Refugee Law and Policy: What Are We Really Trying to Accomplish?

Canada’s refugee policy should reflect the protocols of the International Convention on Refugees, but do our latest laws still honour those purposes?

A National Securities Regulator? No Way says the Alberta Court of Appeal

Which level of government has the authority to regulate the Canadian securities industry is a constitutional question with public policy implications.




LEAF Arguments Accepted by Majority of Supreme Court of Canada

Today’s Trial

A Canadian Symbol Brought to Court: Victims of Moose Crashes sue Newfoundland in Class Action Suit



Human Rights Law

Mandatory Retirement

Not-for -Profit Law

The Glacial Evolution of the Legal Definition of Charity in Canada

Family Law

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines: Part One

Criminal Law

Choosing Judges for the Supreme Court of Canada

Online Law

Canadians Blessed with Reliable Legal Information Online









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