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Vol 37-6: Jul/Aug 2013


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Featured Articles: Real Estate Law

Special Report: Legal Responses to Bullying



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Featured Articles: Real Estate Law

Your home is your castle and the law can help you protect it.

Your Principal Residence and Taxes

Sometimes, the rules about the principal residence exemption can catch homeowners by surprise.

The Growth of Green Building

Environmentally sustainable buildings are good for the community and the planet.

Expropriating Land: A Balancing Act

Privately owned land can only be expropriated if there is a clear public purpose.

No Trespassers Allowed

The law of trespass also applies to the air above and the ground below your land.

Special Report: Legal Responses to Bullying

 Cyberbullying or Criminal Conduct?

There is a difference between cyberbullying and criminal offences.

Unmasking Bullies on the Internet

Anonymous Internet bullies can be traced and identified.

Legal Responses to Cyberbullying

Several Canadian provinces are developing laws to stop bullying in schools.




Planning Ahead

Bench Press

Hooking Up with a Pretty Girl

Mandatory Workplace Testing

Water Woes

A Jury of Your Peers



Human Rights Law

New Developments in the Area of Discrimination on the Basis of Family Status

Law and Literature

The Blackmailer’s Charter: Victims in British Film and Theatre

Online Law

An Overview of Anti-bullying Legislation and Alternatives in Canada

Not-for-Profit Law

Tax Problems

Family Law

Mother May I? Schools and Parenting Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Law

Living with Your Landlord

Employment Law

Changing Terms of Employment




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