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Vol 38-4: Language and the Law

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Featured Articles: Language and the Law

Special Report: The Law and Persons with Disabilities



 Featured Articles: Language and the Law

The choices we make in language – words, even punctuation – can shape legal results.

Comma Law

Peter Bowal and John Layton

Sometimes, for want of a comma, the lawsuit is lost!

You Can’t Do or Say That: Constraining Individual Conduct in a Public and Commercial World

Hilary Findlay

Morality clauses in contracts use language to describe unacceptable conduct and both parties to the deal have important interests in what the words say.

The Intersection of Law, Language and Culture

Carole Aippersbach

In Canada, the question of ‘language rights’ is a very important part of our legal landscape.

Quebec’s Need for Cultural and Linguistic Protection, the Notwithstanding Clause and the Demise of Meech Lake

Rob Normey

Quebec’s language laws operate in tandem with laws designed to protect Quebec’s culture.

The Multicultural Family Law Facilitator’s Project

Nayanika Kumar

This project addresses one Canadian city’s response to a crisis in (mis)interpretation in Canadian courts.


 Special Report: The Law and Persons with Disabilities

A Progress Report of Disability Rights since the Charter 

Marjun Parcasio

Much progress has been made on the legal rights of the disabled since the Charter became law in 1982, but much could still be done.

Meaningful Access: Students with Learning Disabilities Strive to be Included

Melissa Luhtanen

One British Columbia family fought all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to clarify the law on learning disabilities.

Tax Assistance for Persons with Disabilites

Joseph R. Devaney

Canada’s Income Tax Act has a number of provisions for tax benefits for disabled Canadians and their caregivers.

Persons with Disabilities and the Law – Resources for Research

Alberta Law Libraries

Librarians at Alberta Law Libraries can help with research into many aspects of disability law.  Just ask them!



Mothering with Disabilities

Shahnaz Rahman 


Human Rights Law

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Are the Justifiable Limits?

Linda McKay-Panos

Not-for-Profit Law

Organization Launched to Foster Canadian Charity Law

Peter Broder

Employment Law

Insubordination and Dismissal

Peter Bowal and Laine Robson

Family Law

A Brief Primer on Child Support: Part One

John-Paul Boyd

Criminal Law

Criminal Defence Law in the North: Part Two

Charles Davison

Online Law

Protecting Yourself from Consumer Fraud and Scams

Margo Till-Rogers

A Famous Case Revisited

Whatever Happened to … The Law of Sniffer Dog Searches: Part 2

Peter Bowal and Evan Knight



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