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Vol 39-3: Workplace Woes

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Featured Articles: Workplace Woes

Special Report: Public Interest Standing



 Featured Articles: Workplace Woes

Some days at work you might feel like you are surrounded by alligators.  Employment law can help you out of the swamp.

Issues Faced by Vulnerable Workers in Canada

Linda MacKay-Panos

Precarious work can have significant negative physical and mental health outcomes for workers. Can the law help them?

The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

Peter Bowal and Aleksandar Gvozdenovic

As far back as 1845, the common law singled out danger as a proper excuse to refuse to follow the boss’s orders.  Today, statute law offers some protections.

Workplace Bullying: What Employers Need to Know

Jordan Rodney and Shaun Bernstein

Employers need to know that workplace bullying is never OK.

Being Fired: Employment and Identity

Matt Gordon

Our identities are often tied up in our work, so if we are fired (particularly with cause), our self-esteem can suffer.

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Caitlin L. Butler

There are significant downsides that can result if a worker makes the wrong decision about his or her status.


 Special Report: Public Interest Standing

Public Interest Standing and the Bedford Case

Juliana Ho

Public interest standing is integral to access to justice.

Can Administrative Agencies Grant Common Law Public Interest Standing?

Adam Driedzic

This question usually arises whose enabling legislation provides standing based on personal interest.

Access to Justice in a post-SWUAV Courtroom

Sarah Burton

In September 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada significantly changed the law on public interest standing.



Canada’s Asbestos Policy: Economics trump global health concerns
Suman Gupta



Human Rights Law
The Right of First Nations Peoples to a Representative Jury
Linda McKay-Panos

Criminal Law
Solitary Confinement is a National Disgrace
Charles Davison

Employment Law
The Duty of Unions to Fairly Represent Their Members
Peter Bowal and Stephen Moore

Online Law
Law in the Public Interest
Marilyn Doyle

A Famous Case Revisited
Marc Ribeiro vs Dragons’ Den
Peter Bowal and Johnathon Layton

Law and Literature
Cold War Casualties in the True North Strong and Free
Robert Normey



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