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Vol 36-4: Mar/Apr 2012

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Feature: Wills and Estates

Special Report: Freedom of Conscience




Featured Articles: Wills and Estates

Writing your will and planning your estate don’t necessarily have to be gloomy affairs. It can be life-affirming to plan ahead for those you love.

The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about the Wills and Succession Act

Alberta has a new Act that makes lots of changes in the laws about Wills and Estates.

Wills and Succession Law Amends Family Law

The new Alberta Wills and Succession Act makes many significant changes to Family Law in the province.

Wills and Estates Can Be Treacherous Territory for Aboriginals

Drafting wills and administering estates can be subject to completely different rules for Aboriginal people than for other Canadians.

Please Trust me….in Your Will

Testamentary trusts can be used for lots of purposes to help families meet their unique circumstances.

Unjust Enrichment: Fair is Fair!

Unjust enrichment is a creation of the Law of Equity that is sometimes used in estate cases to prevent unfairness.




Special Report: Freedom of Conscience

Freedom of Conscience: What it means for Canadians

Freedom of Conscience is a protected right under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but it has been discussed infrequently by Canada’s courts.

PEN Canada: On Guard for Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression often encompasses matters of freedom of conscience. PEN Canada stands up for both.







A Cautionary Tale

Bench Press

Oops, a Slip of the Lip!, Drunk Driving and the Constitution, Tough Words from the Bench, Does the Internet Broadcast?, Canada Should Bring Them Home



Human Rights Law

Sizing Up Discrimination

Follow-up on Famous Canadian Cases

Whatever Happened To … The Irwin Toy Company?

Family Law

“If I knew then what I know now…” Varying Spousal Support

Online Law

Free to Take a Stand

Not-for-Profit Law

Transparency for All?

Employment Law

Union and Disunion – Solidarity Forever?

Law and Literature

Resistance to Dictatorship






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