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Our goal is to be the go-to resource for high school and post-secondary educators and students in Alberta for current and interesting law topics.

Everything on the site is free and accessible. There are no ads. All comments are moderated.

LawNow for Teachers

You can incorporate LawNow articles into lesson plans or suggest our publication to your students as a starting point for research on legal topics.

For high school teachers, LawNow articles can supplement topics covered in social studies, legal studies, science, health and CALM classes.

For post-secondary instructors, LawNow articles discuss current legal topics that are applicable beyond just law classes.

If you have questions about how you can incorporate LawNow into your classroom, contact us.

LawNow for Students

LawNow is the perfect jumping off point when researching a legal topic. Our site is searchable, and our columns provide content conveniently organized by subject for easy browsing.

Talk to your teacher or instructor about how to properly cite LawNow. There are many websites available online to help you perfect your citation depending on the citation style required for your assignment. When citing something from LawNow, make sure to properly identify it as an article, an opinion piece, etc.

When your research is done, come back to read more. Reading LawNow is an excellent way to stay informed about the law and current events!


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