Viewpoint 41-6: Chief Justice McLachlin: The Supreme Court’s steady hand

The Supreme Court of Canada homepage opens with, “Canadians are privileged to live in a peaceful country.” With Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin retiring in December, that homepage opener is too modest. It should read, “Canadians are privileged to live in a country with an outstanding chief justice.” History will cast an approving gaze on the […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-6

Damages for Future Surrogacy Fees For the first time in Canada, a car crash victim has been awarded financial compensation for the future cost of surrogacy. The case, Wilhemson v. Dumma, centered on Mikaela Wilhemson who was the sole survivor of a “horrendous, high-speed, head-on” collision that killed three other people including her boyfriend. In […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-5

Get Going Minister! Morteza Momenzadeh Tameh was a member of a resistance group with links to terrorist groups  in Iran in the 1980s.  He was imprisoned by the Iranian government from 1982 to 1987.  After his release he fled to Canada and requested permanent residency in 1994, after being found to be a UN Convention […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-4

Act Of Meanness / Lost by a Nose / Co-Mammas / The Internet and Hate Speech 1.  Act of Meanness A Quebec Superior Court Justice recently heard an unusual estate application.  A Montreal area woman was convinced that her deceased brother’s wife had been unfaithful to him.  At a supper held after her brother’s funeral, the […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-3

Intolerable Delay, 5 Years: Case 1 Barrett Jordan was charged with a criminal offence in 2008 and his trial ended with his conviction in 2013. He alleged that his Charter right to trial within a reasonable time had been breached and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed.  It set out a new standard for unreasonable […]

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