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Welcome to the first instance of HAVE YOU HEARD? Here, we will share updates on the law – cases, legislation and processes – as well as highlight access to justice issues and our public legal information resources.

Today, we are introducing CPLEA TV and passing on a recent Court of Queen’s Bench announcement.


This is a series of video-presentations on a variety of popular topics from finding good legal information to landlord and tenants issues to planning for the future. You can access these new videos our YouTube channel.

New titles include:

  • Legal Information vs Legal Advice
  • Finding Good Public Legal Information: Is it Reliable?
  • Planning for the Future 1: Personal Directives, Enduring Powers of Attorneys and Wills
  • Planning for the Future 2: Mental Capacity
  • Planning for the Future 3: Decision-Making Tools
  • Top 10 Housing Issues: Deposits, Landlord Entry, Repairs, Pests, Guests and Shared Accommodations
  • Top 10 Housing Issues: Evictions, Human Rights and Housing, and Dispute Resolution
  • Top 10 Housing Issues: Residential Tenancies Act, Rental Applications and Leases

And keep watching for new topics in the near future!

Families and the Law series

Due to the changes to the Divorce Act, effective March 1, 2021, our Families and the Law series is undergoing significant updates. Look for a refreshed series with expanded practical information to support those involved in family law disputes, all launching on March 1, 2021.

Court of Queen’s Bench Announcement

The pandemic continues to impact court services. On August 20th, the Court of Queen’s Bench released an Instructions and Etiquette Guide for Online Hearings for Counsel, Parties, Witnesses, Media and the Public. The document gives best practices for online hearings, including info on hearings, technology and conduct. If you or someone you know is involved in a family proceeding in the Court of Queen’s Bench, check out this resource so you know what is expected of you. You can access the document from the Alberta Courts website.

Got questions about COVID-19 in Alberta? Visit our webpage dedicated to legal updates related to COVID-19: www.law-faqs.org/covid-19

For more legal information on a variety of topics, visit: www.cplea.ca


Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley is a Project Coordinator with the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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