Bench Press 39-1: Records from Residential Schools

An Ontario Superior Court of Justice judge has ruled on the question of what should happen to the historical records created by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that examined the Indian Residential Schools. The Chief Adjudicator for the Independent Assessment Process, which looked at compensation for wrongful acts suffered by students at the schools, wanted […]

Researching Aboriginal Law

Aboriginal law is a diverse and complex topic, which encompasses issues such as land claims, hunting and fishing rights, residential school settlements and self-government, among others. This article outlines some of the key legal documents, useful Internet sites, databases and other resources available when researching these legal issues. We at the Alberta Law Libraries have […]

Aboriginal Children and Child Welfare Policies

Although nearly everyone has heard the term, “Residential Schools,” it would appear that few really have a proper comprehension of the cruel realities and shame of Canada’s collective history.  With its origins in “civilizing the ‘petits sauvages’” [1] for the purpose of serving as wives and mothers to British Colonists, to the later modification of trying […]

Indian Residential Schools: A Chronology

This chronology was compiled to convey, by historic milestones, how the Indian Residential School system came to be, how it embodied attitudes of its time, how critics were dismissed, and how, finally, the deep harm it did to many members of generations of Indian children was exposed in the course of a reconciliation process that […]

What’s happening with Truth and Reconciliation in Canada?

At the end of March 2014, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada held its last national gathering in Edmonton, Alberta. It now has one more year to finish poring through mountains of documents and to compile its report. It seems an apt time to pull together some online resources that can help in understanding […]

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