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42-4: Law for Entrepreneurs

Volume 42-4  Mar/Apr  2018



Tips to grow your new million dollar idea into a thriving business.

Featured Articles: Law for Entrepreneurs

Steps to Starting a Business in Alberta
Khadija Zeeshan
Understanding the forms and practical steps for starting a business.

When The Entrepreneur and Tax Man Meet
Caitlin Butler
Tax Advice for Starting a Business.

[RETRACTED] Calgary Lawyer and Entrepreneur Donna Gee Gets Things Done
Brian Seaman

Protecting Your Invention: Tips from an Intellectual Property Lawyer
Francisco Marquez-Stricker
Leveraging your invention is often just as hard, if not harder, than coming up with the invention.

How to Deal with Bankruptcy as a Small Business Owner
Doug Hoyes
Six points to help you understand the process of bankruptcy of a business better.

10 Common Mistakes When Launching a New Business
Vandana Taxali
Many new businesses place legal concerns on the back burner due to time and cost constraints.

Special Report: Poverty and Homelessness

Charter of Rights and Homeless Persons
Linda McKay-Panos
Much work needs to be done if we seek to rely on the Charter for a right to adequate housing.

Greater Electoral Access for the Homeless
Anna Kopec, IRPP
Homeless people should be encouraged to vote and given equal opportunity to do so.

Low Income Ontarians More Prone to Debt Problems
Doug Hoyes
Generally, someone files for bankruptcy when something catastrophic happens.


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Charles Davison
Understanding Parole: Paul Bernardo Eligible for Full Parole in February 2018

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