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Resources for Termination of Employment

Online law columnThe Edmonton Journal recently reported layoff notices way up in 2015: “Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 10, 18 Alberta employers disclosed plans to terminate a total of 4,544 workers.”  Further, “Statistics Canada figures show the province gained 13,700 jobs in January, but lost 1,000 in the natural resources sector (it includes oil and gas, mining and forestry) and another 3,700 in the “professional, scientific and technical” jobs category, which includes geologists and engineers working in the energy sector.

If you are laid off, your first question may be whether you were given appropriate notice or termination pay.  If you belong to a union, the collective agreement will spell out the requirements as well as a grievance process. Otherwise, you will want to determine whether Alberta’s employment standards apply to you. The Government of Alberta provides a fact sheet on Termination of Employment and Temporary Layoff that outlines the rules. If you residing elsewhere in Canada, you can find the contact information for your employment standards department on this webpage: Labour standards in Canada

The Government of Canada has pulled together a full set of resources to address the concerns that arise when you have lost your job. From this page you can access resources to:

  • See if you qualify for Employment Insurance ( temporary financial assistance to unemployed Canadians who have lost their job)
  • Use a checklist about things to do if you lose your job to help you cope financially through these difficult times.
  • Check out tools to help you find a job, create a résumé, choose a career, and assess your skills.
  • Explore education and training opportunities, public and private sector job opportunities and hiring programs.
  • Learn more about education, training, financial assistance and the skills needed to find and keep a job.

If you are carrying significant debt, a job loss can leave you wondering how to manage your payments. Money Mentors provides services across Alberta, while the Credit Counselling Society has locations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario and toll-free phone service to the Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut. These organizations can provide credit counselling, orderly repayment of debts program, and education and tools for managing your money. They have phone, in-person and online chat services; their websites include a variety of tip sheets and tools such as financial calculators

Finally, as you go through this transition it can be challenging to stay positive and motivated. Many people find inspiration in Ted Talks. Here are four that may fit the bill:

And for some specific tips for moving forward, check out this blog post: Reinvent Yourself – 37 Ways to Stay Marketable.



Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle is a library technician in Edmonton.

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