Vol 36-1: Sep/Oct 2011 - LawNow Magazine

Vol 36-1: Sep/Oct 2011


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Feature: Practical Law

Special Report: Employment Law




Featured Articles: Practical Law

LawNow’s motto as displayed on our cover is “Relating law to life in Canada”. In this issue, we hope to meet this goal in a very tangible way: articles that offer information about specific real-life legal issues.

Bankruptcy: The End or the Beginning?

Changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act affect students dealing with their student loans, holders of RRSPs and debtors seeking to declare bankruptcy because of personal income-tax debt.

Before the Work Begins: The Top 5 Legal Mistakes in Starting a New Business

There are lots of important legal decisions to be made before a new business owner opens the door. Here is information about some of them.

Internet Sales Contracts

More and more Canadians are buying things online. A number of Canadian provinces have a harmonized interjurisdictional template to protect them.

Insurance Policies: How to Read Them and What to Look For

Most Canadians have several different types of insurance. But how many actually read their policies? They should!

Five Things Every Tenant Should Know

There are some common things that every tenant should do in order to make sure that the renting process flows smoothly.





Special Report: Employment Law

The Employment Code of Conduct – “That Can’t Get Me Fired, Can It?

Actually, some workplace behaviour can get you fired! Employees must be careful how they handle some common situations that arise at work.

The Ties That Bind: A Guide to Accommodating Family Obligations in the Workplace

Employers must be careful when their employees’ family obligations and job requirements conflict.

To Commute or Not to Commute Your Pension: That’s a Good Question!

When you retire, how you deal with your pension is an important concern.





Bench Press

The Nut of the Case, Tobacco Companies alone in their fight, A Life or Death Decision, Living in a State of Terror.



Human Rights Law

Once again, human rights commissions are under attack.

Family Law

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines – Part Two

A Famous Case Revisited

What ever happened to … The prosecution of Susan Nelles

Aboriginal Law

Thirty-four years later, “temporary” section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is repealed

Not-for-Profit Law

Facing contradictions









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