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Vol 36-3: Jan/Feb 2012


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Feature: Charity Law

Special Report: The Law and Sports




Featured Articles: Charity Law

Canadians don’t just donate money to charities, they also create, oversee and staff them. These folks, especially those who run smaller charities, could use some help understanding what the law expects of them.

Five Steps to Transition: The Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act

The first update of charities law since 1917 took effect in October, 2011. There are important steps that charities must now take to comply with the new law.

So You Want to be a Board Member? Think Twice Before You Say Yes

It may be an honour to be asked, but the honour comes with significant responsibilities.

Conflicting Loyalties

Board members must be careful about conflicts of interest and conflicts of loyalties.

There’s a New Law in Town: The Impact for Sports Organizations

The new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act contains some provisions that have a significant impact on sports organizations. It is important for these groups to pay attention.

New Animal Welfare Charity Guidelines Support Traditional SPCAs

The promotion of kindness to animals reflects well on a compassionate society.





Special Report: The Law and Sports

International Sport Regulation/Canadian Values: What if they Collide?

Two high-profile cases illustrate the problems that can arise when Canadian values are not reflected in international sports events.

Brain Injuries: A Shot Across the NHL’s Bow

A lawsuit about brain injuries by former NFL players should raise concerns for the NHL too.

Inside Baseball: Arbitrators as Umpires

What happens when a sports league drops the ball?






Charity Central

Bench Press

A Most Expensive Ticket, The Definition of a Mother, Hell’s Angel Can’t Stay, Disinherited Daughters



Human Rights Law

Occupation and the Right to Protest

Follow-up on Famous Canadian Cases

Whatever Happened To …The Bata Shoe Company?

Family Law

Grandparent/Grandchild Contact: A Right or a Privilege?

Online Law

Online Resources for Charities

Employment Law

Minimum Wages in Canada

Law and Literature

Closed Curtains – The Political Theatre of Jason Sherman

Aboriginal Law

First Nations Education System Failing







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