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Vol 39-1: Looking at Criminal Law

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Featured Articles: Looking at Criminal Law

Special Report: The Law and Luck



 Featured Articles: Looking at Criminal Law

Perhaps more than any other area of the law, criminal law is constantly evolving.

Recent Developments in Criminal Law

Charles Davison

New laws abound as the government focuses on crime.  Are they all necessary?

The Crime of Counseling Criminal Offences

Peter Bowal and Nicole Romanow

Could counseling a crime collide with the Charter right to freedom of expression?

How Criminal Records and Police Reports can Ruin Your Travel Plans

Stephen Da Cambra

Your past might haunt your future travel plans if you don’t plan ahead.

Absolute and Conditional Discharges in Canadian Criminal Law

Peter Bowal, Sean Callbeck and Brian Lines

In certain circumstances, judges can use their discretion to allow an offender to avoid a criminal record.

Basic Facts in Federal Corrections

Irving Kulik

When assessing the state of the criminal law in Canada, it is useful to look at some basic facts about how our criminal justice system works.

 Special Report: The Law and Luck

Canadian Regulation of Contests, Prizes and Games

Peter Bowal and Alexandra Brunet

There are lots of laws at both the federal and provincial level to help prevent Canadians from being fooled by contests and prizes.

Is Good Luck Taxable?

Hugh Neilson

In Canada, Lady Luck Spurns the Taxman!

Turning a Loss into a Win

Stephanie Laskoski

One disillusioned consumer pursued his sweepstakes grand prize all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.




Like hockey, Court’s ‘Mr. Big’ decision clarifies the rule book and the ‘code’

David Butt


Human Rights Law

Prostitution Law in Canada: Will the Charter Dialogue Continue?

Linda McKay-Panos

Not-for-Profit Law

U.K. Case Potentially Positive Step in Recognizing Human Rights Work as Charitable

Peter Broder

Family Law

How is property divided at the end of a relationship?

Rochelle Johannson

What, Why and Where: Untangling Jurisdiction in Family Law

John-Paul Boyd

Employment Law

Regulation of Employment Agencies

Peter Bowal, Kymbat Yermekbayeva and Joshua Beckie

Landlord and Tenant Law

What is an offence under provincial renting laws?

Rochelle Johannson

Online Law

Talking to the Police

Marilyn Doyle

A Famous Case Revisited

Whatever Happened to … David Chen and Citizen Arrests

Peter Bowal, Ivan Via and Joshua Beckie

Law and Literature

A Tale of Two Lawyers

Robert Normey




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