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42-5: Ghosts in the Legal Machine

Volume 42-5  May/June  2018



A tongue-in-cheek look at “ghosts” in the legal system.

Featured Articles: Ghosts in the Legal Machine

“Ghosts” in the Criminal Code
Charles Davison
Looking at provisions in the Criminal Code that are obsolete, overturned, or out of date.

Ghost Consultants and Canada’s Immigration System
Kari Schroeder
Unauthorized immigration consultants harm vulnerable newcomers.

Loosening the “Dead Hand”: Conditions on Gifts in Wills
Mandy England
Understanding what kind of conditions are permitted in wills.

The “Drop-Dead” Rule in Civil Litigation
Cole Lefebvre and John MacKay
If a court case is delayed for three or more years, it can be dismissed by a judge.

Speaking to the Dead: Repealing Laws Against Pretending to Practice Witchcraft
Kristy Isert
The law against pretending to practice witchcraft is an oddity, outdated and unnecessary.

Special Report: International Agreements

Tax Treaties
Hugh Neilson
How tax treaties impact the average person.

NAFTA in a Nutshell
Tahira Manji
Compromise will be required from all parties in order for this agreement to be saved.

Dealing with US Debts in a Canadian Bankruptcy
Doug Hoyes
How to deal with bankruptcies if you have debt in both countries.

Why the UN’s Declaration on Indigenous Rights Has Been Slow to Implement in Canada
Stefan Labbé
A primer on the UNDRIP in Canada.

Understanding the Connections Between International Law and Canadian Criminal Law
Charles Davison
Extraditions, crimes against humanity, and the Canadian Charter.


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