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New & Updated Resources at CPLEA


LawNow has created a Department called New Resources at CPLEA,  which is now a permanent addition to each issue.   Each post will highlight what’s new, updated/revised or popular at CPLEA. All resources are free and available for download. We hope that this will raise awareness of the many resources that CPLEA produces to further our commitment to public legal education in Alberta. For a listing of all CPLEA resources go to:

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords

This toolkit has been designed for landlords, property managers and anyone else who works on-site or has access to residential rental units.

The kit includes:

  • information on how to help prevent domestic violence;
  • what to do if it does happen;
  • a list of services tenants can call for help;
  • a list of agencies to contact for more information about domestic violence; and
  • a list of resources that will help you learn more about domestic violence.

The Toolkit is available on the following websites:,, and


Being a guarantor is a big responsibility and can have serious consequences. This recently updated booklet published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta addresses how important it is to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into and what the impact of signing the agreement may be. Click here to view “Being a Guarantor”.






For a listing of all CPLEA publications see:






Aaida Peerani
Aaida Peerani is Staff Lawyer and Editor for LawNow Magazine at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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