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Bench Press 38-6: A Bride’s Worst Nightmare!

Bench PressMelanie Johnson arranged for a Calgary designer and tailor to make four bridesmaid dresses, a flower girl’s dress and a wedding veil for her October 2011 wedding, and to make alterations to her wedding dress.  As the wedding approached, the emails and text messages began to fly.  The bride received her wedding dress two days before the wedding, but the bridesmaids dresses were still not complete. When she tried on her dress the day before the wedding, she was horrified to find that it didn’t fit, was wrinkled and bunched, and had visible seam marks and loose threads.  The bridesmaid dresses arrived the morning of the wedding.  Ms Johnson testified that she did not have time for her hair and makeup appointments the morning of the wedding, the photographer could not take photos of the wedding party preparing, and the ceremony started 45 minutes late.  She sued the tailor in Small Claims Court, claiming the total cost of her gown, expenses associated with all the last minute arrangements and mental distress.  Judge McCorquodale agreed that the defendant did not perform his duties in a careful and workmanlike manner and in a timely fashion. He awarded Ms Johnson $500 for the cost of her gown, ruling that while the gown was obviously deficient, it was wearable and she did wear it.  He also accepted her claim for mental distress, awarding her $1000 for “the stress, disappointment, inconvenience, upset and frustration caused by the Defendant.”

Johnson v. Barry, 2012 ABPC 359


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
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