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New Employment Law Resources for Alberta Youth

cartoon of a cat in a suit looking angryMany new Canadians are unfamiliar with the legislation that protects them in the workplace. Research indicates that immigrants with limited English speaking abilities often turn to their children to act as intermediaries to pass on information, including legal information. By developing resources for youth, the youth will learn about human rights law and then will also be able to pass this information along to their family members.

CPLEA recently completed a project to create legal information resources specifically targeted to the multi‐cultural community, and, in particular youth. These resources make use of real‐life scenarios to demonstrate Alberta legislation that protects workers.

With input from youth CPLEA developed resources to help people

  • Identify situations of discrimination as they apply in the workplace
  • Understand what options are available to them when they face discrimination; and
  • Become more familiar with laws that help to protect their rights and responsibilities at work

This collection of resources is available on the CPLEA website: Your Rights at Work



Ryan Day
Ryan Day
Ryan Day is an experienced teacher and was the Youth Program Coordinator at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA). Ryan has developed educational materials for non-profits that work with at risk youth as well as curriculum matched resources for Alberta teachers.

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