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New & Updated Resources at CPLEA

LawNow has created a Department called New Resources at CPLEA,  which is now a permanent addition to each issue.   Each post will highlight what’s new, updated/revised or popular at CPLEA. All resources are free and available for download. We hope that this will raise awareness of the many resources that CPLEA produces to further our […]


Aaida Peerani
Aaida Peerani is Staff Lawyer and Editor for LawNow Magazine at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

Five Things Every Tenant Should Know

More So you’ve found a nice place to rent and you’re excited about moving into your new home? There are some common things that every tenant should do in order to make sure that the renting process flows smoothly. 1. You should have a written lease. You should always have a written lease with your landlord. […]


Rochelle Johannson
Rochelle Johannson is a staff lawyer with the Centre for Public Legal Education (CPLEA) in Edmonton, Alberta.

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