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Civil Disobedience, Environmental Protest and the Rule of Law

What is civil disobedience? Civil disobedience involves intentional violation of the law to achieve a result the law-breakers believe is in the public interest. Civil disobedience is a form of protest intended to draw attention to a wrong or injustice which the protesters believe is sufficiently serious to morally justify violation of the law. In […]


Janet Keeping
Janet Keeping is Rule of Law Fellow at the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership in Calgary, Alberta.

The Oil Sands: Westward – How?

Last summer, I mentioned to our editor that I couldn’t understand why Enbridge chose to route Alberta oil via its Northern Gateway line to Kitimat, with its long and narrow channels to open water, when the Port of Prince Rupert had no such obstacles and was closer to Asia. She told me to find out. […]


John Edmond
John Edmond is a member of the bars of Ontario and British Columbia. He lives in Ottawa.

The Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment

Fifty years ago, the concept of a human right to a healthy environment was viewed as a novel, even radical, idea. Today it is widely recognized in international law and endorsed by an overwhelming proportion of countries. Even more importantly, despite their recent vintage, environmental rights enjoy constitutional protection in over 100 countries. These provisions […]


David R. Boyd
David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer and adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is an international expert on human rights and the environment.

The land gives us more than food, but can the law give back?

Set foot on Ruzicka Sunrise Farm and something feels different. Whether it is the diversity of birds, the native prairie, or dugouts that test cleaner than some municipal water sources, Don and Marie Ruzicka are clearly deserving of the recognition they have received for environmental conservation. The Ruzickas raise poultry, hogs and beef using a […]


Adam Driedzic
Adam Driedzic is a Staff Counsel at the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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