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Legal Response in Canada to the Opioid Crisis

Over the past few years, there has been a profound increase in the number of deaths associated with problematic opioid use in Canada. From the beginning of 2016 to mid-2018, there have been over 10,300 opioid-related deaths. And according to Statistics Canada, the national life expectancy at birth did not increase from 2016 to 2017 […]


Ryley Schmidt
Ryley Schmidt is a law student at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta and a volunteer with Pro Bono Students Canada.

Medical Assistance in Dying and its Enforceability in a Personal Directive

The Supreme Court of Canada upheld a blanket prohibition on assisted dying in its 1993 decision Rodriguez v. British Columbia (AG), in which the Court stated that aiding or abetting a person to commit suicide was considered a criminal offence. Many argued that this left individuals with an unfair choice between killing themselves while still […]


Daniella Lyman
Daniella Lyman was an associate lawyer at McLennan Ross LLP. For further information with respect to Personal Directives, please contact any member of the firm's Wills and Estates Practice Group.

Building the New Jerusalem, One Clause at a Time

The Saskatchewan Bill of Rights, 1947, was landmark legislation that inaugurated a new era in Canadian law. The Bill, which contained a clear description of the rights and freedoms to be protected by the provincial government, anticipated the much better known document of the United Nations, which was declared a year after this bill of […]


Rob Normey
Rob Normey is a lawyer who has practised in Edmonton for many years and is a long-standing member of several human rights organizations.

Seniors – Health, Homes, and Help from the Taxman

As individuals age and medical conditions become more prevalent and significant, the need for assistance in daily activities increases. As a result, many consider moving to nursing homes, retirement homes, or smaller apartments or condos. Alternatively, some may choose to remain in their home but engage others for assistance or make structural modifications to improve […]


Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney, CPA, CA, is a member of the editorial board of Video Tax News in Edmonton, Alberta.

Caitlin Butler
Caitlin Butler, CPA, CA, is a designated accountant splitting her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. She is a member of the Video Tax News editorial board and is a co-writer and presenter of the Video Tax News National Personal Tax and Corporate Tax update courses.

AI in healthcare is coming, and we need to be ready

From the alarming forecasts of tech moguls to vigorous debates on online forums, there’s a growing public discussion about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to manage its development. People often talk about AI by evoking grandiose prophecies about the future. While one day we may be apathetically wiped out by […]


Blake Murdoch
Blake Murdoch, JD, MBA, is a research associate at the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.

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