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Exploring New Frontiers for the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada

A brush with the judicial system in any capacity is not a pleasant experience for most people. Even those who succeed in a court usually do not walk out happy. But if you are amongst the increasing number of people who simply cannot afford to pay for legal services, the experience with the judicial system […]


Amer Mushtaq
Amer Mushtaq: Amer Mushtaq is a Toronto lawyer and the founder of Formative LLP, YouCounsel and YouCounselForums. YouCounsel provides online legal courses in easy to follow steps for everyday people whereas YouCounselForums provides a platform for everyone to share legal knowledge and experience with the judicial system.

Online Resources for Dispute Resolution

Maybe it’s a dispute between neighbours. Or a conflict at work. Or a change to child custody arrangements. Tempers flare, things escalate and the next thing you know you’re headed for court. Regardless of your legal problem, once you’ve entered the court system, things become much more complex and you may have much less control […]


Margo Till-Rogers
Margo Till-Rogers is a librarian and the Associate Director of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) in Edmonton, Alberta.

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