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The Tax Court of Canada

Tax Court of CanadaWhich is Canada’s youngest superior court? The Tax Court!

Did you know that the Tax Court of Canada is widely respected for its fairness and efficiency?

Do you know the powers of the Tax Court? How about the jurisdiction?

Did you know that Tax Court Justices are required to reside within 40 kms of Ottawa & travel to other cities to hear appeals?

In the LawNow article The Tax Court of Canada: An Introduction, you can learn all these facts and more!

As Mike Dobson states in this article,

Although the Tax Court of Canada is one of Canada’s youngest courts, it has been described as “the Crown jewel of the federal court system”, a title which it has undoubtedly earned…

While thinking about and paying tax may be unpleasant, the Tax Court of Canada allows for tax disputes to be resolved in a manner that minimizes the unpleasantness. The expertise and efficiency of the Tax Court provide a real benefit to Canadian taxpayers, and the future is bright for our youngest superior court.

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