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Viewpoint 38-5: Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments for Children and Youth

Red Cross logo  A Risk Management Road Map to Prevent Violence and Abuse for all organizations that intersect with young people


What constitutes abuse? violence? bullying? harassment? Why do bad things happen in even the best organizations?  What is the duty of care and what is your organization’s liability? How can you help protect every young person your organization serves?

Organizations must be able to answer these questions.


photo of mother holding a childRISK MANAGEMENT is the process of developing a culture, policies and structures to diminish the risk of an incident that would harm a vulnerable person.

Effective risk management requires comprehensive prevention planning. This means identifying and analyzing potential risks and the harm they can do, developing a comprehensive plan to control the risk, and putting policies and procedures in place to properly handle an occurrence and reduce the negative effects on both an individual and the organization.

Risk management roadmap: 1. Understand the issue, 2. Recognize the vulnerability and resilience of children, 3. Define protection instruments, 4. Create a prevention team, 5. Complete a risk assessment, 6. Develop policies and procedures, 7. Educate adults, youth and children, 8. Respond to disclosures of violence and abuse, 9. Meet challenges, 10. Maintain safe environments

CANADIAN RED CROSS is a national leader in helping organizations manage the risk and protect young people. Its ten-step process that encompasses a constellation of programs and services called RespectED. These include presentations, workshops, training, organizational consulting and manuals on prevention. All can be tailored to your specific requirements.  Prices vary, depending on the services required. Take Ten Steps, and make the journey to safer environments for all of our young people!

For more information contact: Monique Methot, 780-702-2543, [email protected]



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