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Viewpoint 39-5: Hundreds of recommendations go unimplemented

Legal Strategy Coalition demands greater government commitment and accountability to ending violence against Indigenous women and girls   An alarming study released recently shows that governments in Canada have repeatedly ignored expert recommendations to stop violence against Indigenous women and girls. Researchers with the Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women reviewed 58 reports […]


Women's Legal Education and Action Fund
Women's Legal Education and Action Fund
LEAF works to ensure Canadian courts do, in fact, provide the equality rights guaranteed to women and girls by Section 15 of the Canadian Charter. Our strength comes from a small staff team in Toronto, member branches in several provinces, scores of active volunteers who serve on committees, a national board and our affiliate, West Coast LEAF, in British Columbia.

Under the Influence: Liquor Outlet Density and Domestic Violence in Alberta

We have too many liquor outlets in Alberta. Okay, we said it. This is a conversation that most Albertans don’t want to have. Privatization Effects In 1993, Alberta became the only Canadian jurisdiction to fully privatize the sale of alcohol. Since then, we have gone from 200 liquor outlet stores to over 2,000. Evidence associates […]


Lana Wells
Lana Wells
Lana Wells is the Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary.

Alina Tanasescu Turner
Alina Tanasescu Turner is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary (2013).

Viewpoint 38-5: Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments for Children and Youth

  A Risk Management Road Map to Prevent Violence and Abuse for all organizations that intersect with young people   What constitutes abuse? violence? bullying? harassment? Why do bad things happen in even the best organizations?  What is the duty of care and what is your organization’s liability? How can you help protect every young person your organization serves? […]


Canadian Red Cross
The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

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