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Vol 37-4: Mar/Apr 2013


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Featured Articles: Environmental Causes

Special Report: Helping Yourself



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Featured Articles: Environmental Causes

Canadians treasure their environment, and for many, preventing its degradation becomes a cause. The law can be used in some interesting and unique ways to help the cause.

The Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment

Environmental rights enjoy constitutional protection in over 100 countries. Canada is not one of them, but it should be.

The Oil Sands: Westward – How?

There are many obstacles: technical; legal; constitutional; and political that stand in the way of transporting Alberta’s bitumen out of the province.

Civil Disobedience, Environmental Protest and the Rule of Law

Civil disobedience can strengthen the Rule of Law by leading to the correction of unjust or seriously wrong laws before disrespect for the system has a chance to take hold.

The Difference a Year Makes: Changes to Canadian Federal Environmental Assessment Law in 2012

The omnibus budget bill of 2012 contained many measures that profoundly changed Canada’s environmental protection laws, and not for the better.

Nickel Shower: An Environmental Class Action

The case of Smith v. Inco Ltd. is the first Canadian environmental class action lawsuit to proceed through a trial and appeal.


Special Report: Helping Yourself

How To Avoid Your Day in Court

Think of the law as a spectrum with the courthouse at the very end. There are lots of ways that you can avoid going there!

Helping Yourself: Where Do You Start?

There are many of sources for legal information, ranging from walk-in offices to websites to help you access the law.

Doin’ It Your Own Way… Unsuccessful Succession

Yes, of course you can make your own Will. But, should you?




Letter to the Editor

The Economy and The Environment

Bench Press
Interest in Access to Justice
Denunciation, Deterrence, and Death
No Jury-vetting, We’re Canadian
The Defence of Duress
A Dog Divided?


Human Rights Law

Standing Up for Your Rights

Online Law

Online Resources for Dispute Resolution

Not-for-Profit Law

Anti-Spam Law May Snare Charities

What Ever Happened to … A Follow-up to Famous Cases

Casey Hill and the Church of Scientology

Landlord and Tenant Law

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Employment Law

Protection and Prosecution: Falling at Work





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