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40-6: Medical Assistance in Dying

lawnow-40-6-coverCanada has joined a small group of countries and U.S. states with an assisted dying law.  This issue looks at the new law and how Canada came to this enormous change in social, health and legal policy.

Volume 40-6  July / Aug.  2016

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Featured Articles: Medical Assistance in Dying

Special Report: Students and the Law




Featured Articles: Medical Assistance in Dying

Medical Assistance in Dying: From Rodriguez to Bill C-14
Juliana Ho
Much has changed in Canada since the Supreme Court of Canada turned down Sue Rodriguez’ plea for help to end her life.

A Global Perspective on Assistance in Dying
Ashley Ferguson
Canada had the benefit of looking at some other countries and U.S. states when drafting its own law about medically assisted dying.

Medical Assistance in Dying: An Enormous Change in Canadian Social Policy
Teresa Mitchell
Here is a look at the most important features of Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying Act.

Medically Assisted Death Offers Options
Charles Davison
Medical Assistance in Dying creates the opportunity for Canadians to choose their  responses  to grievous health situations.

Critiques of Assisted Dying
Peter Bowal and Paulami Saha
When the sanctity of life is displaced by a culture of respectable voluntary death, this change in attitude could eventually disrupt the personal autonomy of the  living.

Special Report: Students and the Law

Students and Income Tax: It Can Be a Good Thing!
Gunnar Rawe
Students can benefit from many different provisions in the Income Tax Act.

A-Loan in the Dark
Elizabeth Chen
Students should always read the fine print.  What you don’t know can hurt you!


Teresa Mitchell


Family Law
Sarah Dargatz
Changes to Child Support Applications

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Same-Sex families in some Canadian Provinces Still Face Discrimination Challenges

Debit and Creditor Law
Doug Hoyes  
What Types of Proceedings Can You file Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act?

Employment Law
Peter Bowal and Patrick Tapuska
Constructive Dismissal is Still Under Construction

Not-for-Profit Law
Peter Broder
Bad Scholarship?

Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
The Production of Cell Tower Records Breaches Canadians’ Privacy Rights

Famous Cases
Peter Bowal and James Rose 
Rasouli:  Withdrawal of Medical Treatment

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
Stranger than You Can Imagine
takes the reader on a Tour of the Tumultuous 20th Century


Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley is a Project Coordinator with the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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