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42-3: Children in the Justice System

Volume 42-3  Jan/Feb  2018



Learning to listen to the voices of children in the justice system…

Featured Articles: Children in the Justice System

Finding the Best Ways Forward: Report on the Symposium on Children’s Participation in Justice Processes
John-Paul Boyd
Report on the National Symposium on Children’s Participation in Justice Processes.

Children Witnesses in Criminal Courts: Recognizing Competence and Assessing Credibility
Nicholas Bala
Ending the myth of unreliability of children witnesses in criminal court.

Youth Criminal Justice Act: An Overview
Charles Davison
Understanding how the law responds to young persons who commit criminal offences.

Infants and Family Law: Advice for Parents
Evelyn Wotherspoon and Sonja Lusignan
Pre-verbal children can have lawyers appointed for them with or without parental consent.

The State of Mental Health Treatment for Youth in the Justice System
Lisa Kasper
Improved access to mental health resources benefits both the youth and the general public.

Voices of Children in Parenting Coordination
Francine Cyr and Catherine Quigley
Should children be given a voice in parenting coordination?

Special Report: Tax Reform

Reforming Our Tax System
Chris Sprysak
What Prime Minister Trudeau can learn from the Carter Commission (and his father).

Time for Tax Reform?
Michael Dolson
Many assumptions underlying our current tax system appear to be outdated.

The Politicized Complexity of the Canadian Income Tax Act
Matthew Peddie
Tax exemptions, deductions, and credits have become extremely prevalent in Canada.


Aaida Peerani

Tasneem Karbani
Tradition Triumphs: A New Guard for Canada’s Supreme Court

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley


Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
To Charge or Not to Charge: That is No Longer the Question

Employment Law
Peter Bowal and Thomas D. Brierton
Harassment as a New Workplace Safety Issue

Family Law
Sarah Dargatz
Dispensing With a Parent’s Consent for Counselling For Children

Famous Cases
Peter Bowal and Thomas D. Brierton
Stinchcombe: Crown Disclosure of Criminal Evidence

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Age Discrimination in Alberta Human Rights Legislation: New Developments

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
Orwell on Law, Order and Corruption in Burma

Peter Broder
Registered Charity Rights and Privileges


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