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Loosening the “Dead Hand”: Conditions on Gifts in Wills

One of the most well-known (if creepy-sounding) metaphors in estates law is the “dead hand”—an attempt by the deceased to continue to control their property after they have died. Estate planning can be difficult, as it can make people face questions that require them to envision themselves as no longer being part of their loved […]


Mandy England
Mandy England LLB, is an associate at Dentons Canada LLP in Edmonton, whose practice focuses on trusts, wills and estates.

The “Drop-Dead” Rule in Civil Litigation

Lawyers are required to navigate a myriad of potential issues for their clients during the course of litigation. Clients rely on their lawyers not only to handle highly complex questions of law, but also to address the procedures required to bring their matters before the courts. While these rules of procedure are typically quite routine, […]


Cole Lefebvre
Cole Lefebvre is a lawyer practising civil litigation and employment law in Calgary.

John MacKay
John MacKay is an articling student at Miller Thomson LLP in Calgary.

Speaking to the Dead: Repealing Laws Against Pretending to Practice Witchcraft

For years, the Criminal Code has been in need of an overhaul. As the cornerstone of criminal law in Canada, the Criminal Code, is a large piece of federal legislation officially called An Act respecting the Criminal Law that includes the majority of Canada’s criminal offences, procedures, and punishments. It has been described by provocative […]


Kristy Isert
Kristy Isert is a lawyer, municipal government manager, and post-secondary sessional instructor.

“Ghosts” in the Criminal Code

One of the most highly publicized criminal trials in recent Alberta history ended in the fall of 2016 with a degree of judicial embarrassment. Having broken new ground by allowing the live broadcasting of his decision in the case, the trial judge mistakenly found Travis Vader guilty of the murders of Lyle and Marie McCann […]


Charles Davison
Charles Davison is the Senior Criminal Defence Counsel with the Somba K’e office of the Legal Services Board in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

Ghost Consultants and Canada’s Immigration System

If there’s one thing most people – regardless of political stripe – can agree on, it’s that ‘crooked’ consultants are incredibly problematic for Canada’s immigration system. Stories abound in the media of unsuspecting immigrants paying thousands of dollars to an unauthorized consultant, only to arrive in Canada to find that the job or college program […]


Kari Schroeder
Kari Schroeder is an experienced lawyer in Calgary in all areas of immigration and refugee law.

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