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Law Society of Ontario Targets Systemic Racism in the Legal Profession

An amended Rules of Professional Conduct was just one of 13 recommendations delivered by the Law Society of Ontario in a lengthy report designed to address issues of long-standing systemic discrimination in the legal system. Entitled Working Together for Change: Strategies to address issues of systemic racism in the legal professions, the report was approved […]


John Cooper
John Cooper, EdD, is an educator and researcher who has taught journalism and corporate communications at Durham College and Centennial College.

Accommodating Syrian Refugees’ Legal and Other Needs

The Syrian Crisis The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has recognized the Syrian refugee crisis as the world’s single largest refugee crisis for almost a quarter of a century under its mandate. As of March 2017, the UNHCR reports that 6.3 million Syrians have fled their homes and remain trapped in Syria. 4.9 […]


Hasna Shireen
Hasna Shireen is a Research Associate with the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, at the University of Calgary in Calgary Alberta.

Understanding Diversity in the Current Context of the Law and Legal Profession

Canada is a country which represents the very meaning of “diversity”. From beginnings which involved mainly three generalized groups (aboriginals, French and English) we have evolved to become one of the most diverse societies on the planet. Now, in virtually every community in the country, from the middle of downtown Toronto and Montreal, to the […]


Charles Davison
Charles Davison is the Senior Criminal Defence Counsel with the Somba K’e office of the Legal Services Board in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

Indigenous Public Legal Education—PLE from an Interconnected Worldview

What does it mean to practice Public Legal Education (PLE) from an Indigenous, interconnected worldview?  This is the goal of BearPaw Legal Education (BPLE) in the development, distribution and evaluation of PLE for Indigenous peoples throughout Alberta. BPLE is a department of Native Counselling Services of Alberta (NCSA). NCSA was established in 1970 with the […]


Patti LaBoucane Benson

Alex Choby
Alex Choby is a research officer at BearPaw Legal Education Centre and has a Ph.D. in medical anthropology.

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