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Data Privacy Day

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LawNow Magazine covers lots of hot topics and privacy law has been a big one in the past few issues.

In the latest issue of LawNow Magazine, the Special Report looked at developments in Internet law, including privacy and cloud computing.

The Internet Law column in the same issue,” Who Cares About Internet Law and Policy?” summarizes some Internet-related issues including privacy law resources:

“When it comes to information about privacy, no one can beat the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The plethora of materials on this site includes guidance, news releases, research, speeches, videos, podcasts and presentations. It also authors a lively site for youth (which includes a special section for parents and teachers) called myprivacy. mychoice. mylife.”

The November/December 2012 issue also took a look at privacy law, including the following articles:

Privacy Law in Canada

There are many challenges to the right to privacy for Canadians: fortunately, we have committed and engaged privacy commissioners to help.


Privacy Issues in Criminal Law

Nowhere is protection of personal privacy more important than in the realm of criminal law. The Canadian Charter of Rights contains important safeguards for Canadians facing criminal charges.


The Complexities of Privacy and Social Networking Sites

Facebook users need to know about the privacy challenges that can arise from the use of this popular social media site.


Celebrate Data Privacy Day by learning more about privacy and the law!


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