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Vol 37-2: Nov/Dec 2012

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Featured Articles: Elections and the Law

Special Report: Privacy Law




Featured Articles: Elections and the Law

Free and fair elections are the cornerstones of democracies. This issue of LawNow examines elections law in Canada and around the world.

American and Canadian Election Laws

There are many differences between the U.S. and Canadian election laws, but here are our top 10!

Democracy After Post-Conflict Elections – Are we there yet?

Perhaps our hopes are too high. The reality is that post-conflict elections are often far from satisfactory.

Running for Office: A Candidate’s Journey

From theory to reality: a candidate’s journey through an election is both bruising and rewarding.

Riding the Election Cycle

Elections in Alberta follow a four-year cycle, and there is lots of work to do in between elections.

Electoral Finance Rules at Home and Around the World

There is consensus in Canada and around the world that strict electoral financing rules are necessary for democracy and transparency.


Special Report: Privacy Law

Privacy Law in Canada

There are many challenges to the right to privacy for Canadians: fortunately, we have committed and engaged privacy commissioners to help.

Intrusion on Seclusion: The Tort of Invasion of Privacy

The new tort of Invasion of Privacy has been created in Canadian law, aptly summarized as Intrusion on Seclusion.

Privacy Issues in Criminal Law

Nowhere is protection of personal privacy more important than in the realm of criminal law. The Canadian Charter of Rights contains important safeguards for Canadians facing criminal charges.

The Complexities of Privacy and Social Networking Sites

Facebook users need to know about the privacy challenges that can arise from the use of this popular social media site.





Freedom from bias always your right
First Nations people can now seek equality other Canadians enjoy

Bench Press

Children and Cyber-bullying
What do We Mean by Public Standing?
A Task for Solomon?
Reid This: Police Tactic Oppressive


Human Rights Law

Sexual Harassment is a Continuing Issue in Canada

Family Law

Considering Custody

Law and Literature

Miss Julie’s Revenge, or Men Who Hate Women, Please Meet Lisbeth Salander

Employment Law

The Law of Embellished Credentials

Landlord and Tenant Law

Protecting Your Personal Information When You Rent

Not-for-Profit Law

Questioning Jurisdiction

What Ever Happened to … A Follow-up to Famous Cases

Roncarelli v. Duplessis




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