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Mother May I? Schools and Parenting Disputes

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Jim Davies, the general counsel for the Edmonton Public School Board. He gave a group of family law lawyers the educator’s perspective on parenting disputes.1  Today’s dynamic family configurations can be complicated – divorced biological parents, foster parents, relatives, same-sex partners, step-parents, and even mature minors. […]


Rosemarie Boll
Rosemarie Boll
Rosemarie Boll is Staff Counsel with the Family Law Office of Legal Aid Alberta and a regular contributor to LawNow Magazine since 1992. She is also the author of The Second Trial, a young adult novel about a young teenager who must leave his home, his school and everything he knows when an abusive father forces his family into hiding. Please visit her online at her website at

Considering Custody

I recently received this question: How can I get sole custody of my four-year-old son? I don’t have a relationship with the father, and we were never married. Let’s talk about terminology first, so that if you have to meet with a lawyer, you’ll both be on the same page. “Custody” means the ability to […]


Rochelle Johannson
Rochelle Johannson is a staff lawyer with the Centre for Public Legal Education (CPLEA) in Edmonton, Alberta.

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