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Bench Press – Vol 40-2

Talking to SiriThe Nova Scotia Supreme Court has upheld a ruling by a provincial court judge about the definition of “using” a cellphone. Dr. Ajirogho Ikede is a medical officer in the Canadian … [Read More...]

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Special Report


Preventing Financial Abuse of Seniors: My little Johnny would never do anything to harm me!

There is something very sad about reaching your golden years, thinking that you will enjoy golf, grandchildren and giving sage advice, but instead, you are faced with abuse by those you trusted the … [Read More...]

couple 4

Tax Issues for Older Adults

In our working years, determining our personal tax burden can be quite simple – earn income and pay personal tax at the graduated rates. In our senior years, the formula is less straightforward. … [Read More...]

hand on grave stone

Estate Administration Act : Significant Changes in the Law

Introduction The Estate Administration Act was proclaimed in force June 1st, 2015. It replaces the Administration of Estates Act. As such, the new Act applies to the administration of all estates, … [Read More...]

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