• Litigating Death in Care Cases in Alberta
  • A Brief Overview of Child Intervention Services in Alberta
  • Privacy Considerations for Families Involved with Child and Family Services
  • Marriage Breakdown Affects Taxes and Child Benefits

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Bench Press – Vol 40-3 Autism, Homeopathy and Custody

Two small boys with severe and profound autism spectrum disorder were at the centre of a custody dispute between their parents. The children have seen a myriad of medical and health care … [Read More...]

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Aboriginal Offenders

Much has been written about the alarmingly high numbers of aboriginal Canadians who spend time in our jails and penitentiaries. Hundreds of thousands of pages of texts, court decisions, reports and … [Read More...]

Prison and Work

Prisoners and Work

Several years ago, the Alberta government and other provincial governments considered the introduction of Alabama-style chain gangs as a form of employment for prisoners. This action reflected a North … [Read More...]

cell block

Solitary Confinement

On July 17, 2015, Globe and Mail reporter Sean Fine wrote an article about Christopher Brazeau, a 34-year-old prisoner at Edmonton Institution, who is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence. … [Read More...]

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