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Essential Services and the Right to Strike

On January 30, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada decided Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v Saskatchewan (“SFL”). In a 5-2 decision, the Court determined that the Public Service Essential Services Act (“PSESA”), in restricting certain public sector workers’ rights … [Read More...]

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Bench Press 39-5: Private Use Doesn’t Apply

Two Edmonton men were acquitted of offences of making and possessing child pornography because the trial judge accepted that the material, involving two runaway teenage girls, was made for the men’s … [Read More...]

Bench Press

Bench Press 39-5: Duress as a Defence to Murder

For the first time in Canada, an appeal court has upheld the use of duress as a defence to a charge of murder even though the Criminal Code explicitly rules it out.  The Ontario Court of Appeal … [Read More...]

Bench Press

Bench Press 39-5: Red-faced about the Red Chamber?

Aniz Alani, a Vancouver lawyer, has launched a legal action to force Prime Minister Harper to appoint new senators to fill the vacancies in the Red Chamber. The lawyer considers illegal Mr. Harper’s … [Read More...]

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Resources for Termination of Employment

The Edmonton Journal recently reported layoff notices way up in 2015: “Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 10, 18 Alberta employers disclosed plans to terminate a total of 4,544 workers.”  Further, “Statistics … [Read More...]

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New website from CPLEA: Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta

The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta website. The new Laws for Landlords and … [Read More...]

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If your Employment Ends… Laws for Tenants in Alberta

With oil prices dropping significantly and Target closing its doors, thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs. Many thousands more are worried everyday that they could lose their job.  The … [Read More...]

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Booklets and tipsheets with practical law information are available for free download or in print from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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Nickel Shower: An Environmental Class Action

Introduction The recent Smith v. Inco Limited case is the first Canadian environmental class action lawsuit to proceed through a trial and appeal. It shows how the courts mediate between the interests of industry and of private landowners. Inco refined nickel near the small southern Ontario city … [Read More...]


The Ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility, and what is not? Companies engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) when they confer benefits on the communities located in or near where they work which are neither required by law nor an integral part of their primary, profit-oriented operations. … [Read More...]

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