• Common Neighbourhood Disputes and Solutions
  • The Municipal Government Board
  • Unleashing the Environmental Power of Municipalities: Recommendations to Strengthen Alberta’s <em>Municipal Government Act</em>
  • Municipalities Leading the Way on Environmentalism
  • In Praise of Urban Forests

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Bench Press – Vol 40-4

Gonzo Language! The Federal Court of Appeal used some unusually strong language in a recent judgment about a claim for costs. The claim was made by the two lawyers who successfully challenged the … [Read More...]

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Special Report

St Eugene Mission storm-cropped

Call to Action: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

For over a century, generations of Aboriginal children, mostly First Nations, were taken from their families, often by force, and placed in residential schools usually far from home, where they were … [Read More...]


Truth and Reconciliation is Canada’s last chance to get it right

There are good and bad things in our society, successes and failures. But there is only one fundamental reality that remains unaddressed. That is the situation of indigenous peoples.This is the … [Read More...]

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Era of Reconciliation: A Sacred Relationship

The truth be told, Canada’s dealing with its Indigenous populations has a dismal historical record. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has faced this issue head on. In its report, it … [Read More...]

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