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Special Report

Photo of Canadian bills and coins

The Indian Act – Exemption from Taxation

The Canada Revenue Agency notes on its website that “We recognize that many First Nations people in Canada prefer not to describe themselves as Indians. However, we use the term Indian because it has a legal meaning in the Indian Act.”  For the same reason, the … [Read More...]

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Bench Press

Bench Press 38-5: Habeas Corpus in Modern Times

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled unanimously in favour of a federal penitentiary prisoner who challenged a prison warden’s decision to transfer him from medium to maximum security. Gurkipal Khela … [Read More...]

Bench Press

Bench Press 38-5: Shakespeare in Court

An Ottawa judge quoted Shakespeare when sentencing a 69-year-old sex offender recently.  The offender had assaulted his neighbour in her home after taking her out for a birthday dinner.  The Judge … [Read More...]

Bench Press

Bench Press 38-5: Some Bones to Pick

Poor Richard III!  Shakespeare’s play portrays him as a villain and a murderer. Killed in battle 500 years ago, his remains were discovered in 2012 under a parking lot in Leister, England.  Another … [Read More...]

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Practical Law for Everyday Life

Residential Tenancies Column (aka Landlord and Tenant Law)

Can a landlord charge a tenant for renovations?

I just got a question from a tenant. The landlord replaced all the windows in the rental property, and then gave the tenant a bill for half the cost of the renovations. Seriously. The tenant … [Read More...]

Family Law Column

A Brief Primer on Child Support: Part Two

This article is the second of a two-part series on the basics of child support. In the first article I talked about who can ask for support and who has to pay it. In this article, I’ll talk about how … [Read More...]

Family Law Column

A Brief Primer on Child Support: Part One

Child support is money paid by a parent toward the living expenses of his or her child. Other people can be required to pay child support, including guardians and stepparents. The duty to pay child … [Read More...]

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Supreme Court of Canada

Parliamentary Democracy 101

In the Gettysburg address, Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” He was, of course, referring to the democratic model of the United States. However, the same words can be used to define Canadian parliamentary democracy: government of the … [Read More...]

Mandatory Menu Labeling

Encouraging Healthy Eating Through Legislation? The Case for Mandatory Menu Labels

How many calories in that snack? Having a mid-morning energy slump? How about a quick visit to Starbucks for, say, a café latté and a blueberry scone to hold you over until lunch? Unfortunately, that energy slump can quickly turn to energy excess with a 700-calorie snack that amounts to more than a … [Read More...]